Emils Jewellery Hamburg was found in 2015 by Emil Chismatullin in his hometown Hamburg.


His vision was to design stylish and high quality bracelets for everyone. He wanted to create bracelets you can wear as a stack, single statement or along your watch.

He travelled the world to get inspirations from different cultures. 

In all the countries he visited the people had different styles and colors of bracelets. 

Some had colorful bracelet stacks with a mix of beads, natural stones and leather, others had just one classic silver or gold bracelet.


Our first design! The Speed bracelet.



Emil had the idea to create a bracelet that is inspired by the watch industry. It has a bezel look and numbers on it. 

All the influences from his travels are combined in these bracelets. 

They have a classic stainless steel base and with all the different colors everyone can choose his personal style and the colors he likes. 

You can take the classic black and silver combo or choose something colorful like the blue, green or red Speed bracelet.

After his visit in Dubai he got the idea to design a special Speed bracelet collection with the old arabic numbers he saw in Dubai. 

The Speed bracelets quickly become a worldwide best seller that’s why we started to spread our product range. 


We designed stainless steel bangles like the Titan bangles, exotic leather bracelets like the stingray bracelets and also beaded natural stone bracelets. 


All our bracelets are proofed in Hamburg in Germany and only if the quality is absolutely perfect, they will be send out to our customers.


We had customers in over 70 countries, we met so many inspiring people and celebrities who wear our bracelets and we got amazing pictures from our customers who showed us their style and gave us new ideas! 

All this motivates us to work harder and always create new products! 


That’s what Emils Jewellery stands for. 

Creativity, individual style, connecting people and inspiring each other!